Henry Raddick

Er zit kunst in de Amazon-reviews. Al een jaar of vier schrijft er ene Henry Raddick immers de prachtigste besprekingen van de meest onzinnige aanbiedingen uit deze online boek/muziekhandel. Zijn Corneel-achtig type'tje schept doorheen honderden grappige besprekingen een heel universum, waarin vrouw Marjorie, wijlen hond Barry en homo-hatende oom Sandy en hijzelf de dienst uitmaken.
Hier een paar exemplaren die mij het hardst deden schateren. De
volledige lijst vind je hier:

  • over "Atlas of Scrotal Ultrasound" by Brigitte Martin
    "As a bored radiographer who would rejoice never to have to spatula another octagenarian's jewels onto the plate again in his life I have to say that Ms Martin imbues the subject with a sense of glamour it hardly merits."
  • over "Claudia Schiffer: Perfectly Fit - Arms" (1995) VHS
    "Though I didn't follow the workout as stringently as Claudia would have wanted, I did indeed give my arm a vigorous workout using this tape."
  • over "The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary" by G. C. Merriam
    "An excellent guide which I bought after my Uncle Sandy refused to accept the validity of "transgendered" in what had been a good-natured game."
  • over "Pocket Massage for Stress Relief" by Clare Maxwell-Hudson
    "A tremendous book to help soothe and relax. I tried a little "pocket massage" on a train recently - it certainly relieved the stress, but do remember to chose your venue with care, especially if you are using essential oils."
  • over "Taxidermy, a Complete Manual" by John C. Metcalf
    "A fantastic guide to a lost art, and one which has greatly assisted me in the difficult task of reassembling my dearly departed spaniel Barry. First rate."
  • over "Podoconiosis: Non Filarial Elephantiasis" by Ernest Woodward Price
    "A superb guide to the disease with the shortest "denial" stage in the medical book. I found it particularly useful in coming to terms with my condition and even taking pride in it. Perhaps a lighter take on the subject is to be found in Ernest Woodward Price's earlier work "
  • over "15000 Baby Names" by Lansky
    "You'd have thought that someone would have bought Frank Zappa this book after he named his daughter Moon Unit. Obviously not. Two years later a son. Dweezil."
  • over "Surviving Divorce: A Handbook for Men" by Gay Search
    "A well-written and challenging book which I bought for my Uncle Sandy as he attempts to cope with the aftershock of divorce. Unfortunately he thought the author's name was a coping strategy being suggested and he refused to read it."
  • over "Die anorectalen Fisteln" by Friedrich Stelzner
    "Nothing expresses the brutal grandeur of rectal polyps and anal fistulae quite like the mother-tongue of Goethe."
  • over "Our Brilliant Heritage: Containing Grow Up into Him As He Walked If You Will Be Perfect Disciples Indeed" by Oswald
    "First rate. Chambers succeeds in doing that rare thing: writing a book whose title only makes sense if you type it into babelfish and translate it into German, then Portuguese and then back into English again."
  • over "Misogyny: The Male Malady" by David D. Gilmore
    "An excellent guide which I, and by extension my shrew of a wife, thoroughly enjoyed."
  • over "Sex, Freud and Folly: The Truth About Psychotherapy" by Martin Wank
    "Wank takes the same hands-on approach to his subject matter as can be seen in "Freud's Sexual Fix" by Hans Shandy. Admittedly the author starts slowly, but he gradually builds pace before reaching a shattering conclusion."
  • over "The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women" by Tristan Taormino
    "Be careful and think long and hard before you give this book to your wife or girlfriend as a gift. As I learnt to my cost, if she looks at it in horror you won't be able to tell her that you are a little drunk and just slipped."
The Register was hem al eerder op het spoor en ontlokte hem een interview :  - "Henry Raddick: man of letters - Amazon star"

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