When eyebrows meet.

In the yard is a small apple tree. ROSALEEN bends down and picks up a fallen apple from under the tree.
ROSALEEN: Granny, can I have one?
GRANNY: I can't see why not.
ROSALEEN bites into the apple, grimaces and spits it out.
close shot of the apple in her hand. A large worm wriggles inside the bite mark.
GRANNY:   (chuckling) You've got a lot to learn, child.
She takes the apple and tosses it away.
GRANNY: Never stray from the path, never eat a windfall apple . . .
She picks another apple from the tree and gives it to ROSALEEN.
GRANNY: . . . and never trust a man whose eyebrows meet!
Bovenstaande komt uit het script van de film "A company of wolves", een film van Neil Jordan uit 1984 die destijds nogal indruk op me maakte. Logisch, neem ik aan, want Danielle Dax werkte er aan mee, ik was 16, en de film is één grote allegorie op "sexueel ontwaken".

Grappig, toch, dat er die waarschuwing van de oma - bijna 20 jaar later - nog altijd door me heen schoot toen ik (via Coolio's) belandde op de site www.monobrow.com. "At Monobrow.com, they we don't view having one eyebrow as a grotesque, freakish human deformity. On the contrary. They think you are special (and not the kind of special where you wear a helmet.) The kind of special where people look at the hairy, catipillar-like growth above your eyes and say, "Oh my God! What the hell is that thing?" Alhoewel grappig bedoeld, hou ik dus mijn reserves!

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